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We help aspiring trainers to become confident and skilled kettlebell instructors in only 10 weeks – taught In-House or 100% online. 

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From Coach Gregory’s Desk

Romanshorn Switzerland, crisp and sunny

Dear aspiring Kettlebell Coach,

I’m Gregory, and I’m here to share my passion for kettlebell training with you.

Just like you, I was once a novice in the world of kettlebells.

After becoming certified as a gym instructor and working on the gym floor for over 3 years…

I thought I had it all figured out.

Like many, I “mishandled” kettlebells like weird-shaped dumbbells…

Foolishly thinking, that I was already an expert.

Until I heard about Steve Cotter and his interpretation of kettlebell training.

And boy, what a rude awakening I had after realizing that even the 16 KG kettlebell was giving me a rough time.

This realization was my epiphany moment to get coaching from the IKFF president and kettlebell legend himself.

So I saved the money.

Invited Steve to Switzerland in June 2019.

And this became the pivotal moment of my kettlebell coaching career.

Under his guidance and tutelage, I’ve invested time, money and effort to become an internationally recognized expert.

However, the journey was far from easy.

Fast forward to the certification day in June 2019—a personal experience I will never forget.

I was about to face a massive challenge for the first time.

40 Jerk with double 20 kg and 100 Snatch with a 20 kg kettlebell.

Nervous yet determined, I faced the test for Steve’s IKFF CKT2 head-on.

Everything went smoothly until the 36th rep, when a momentary loss of balance led Steve to shout “No Count!”

I felt like giving up…

But Angie’s motivating screams and Steve’s reminder to focus on “fast legs” ignited a second wind within me.

At last, I managed to reach the 40th rep, suffering bloody cuts and bruises in the process.

Looking back, this challenging yet immensely rewarding experience taught me the value of perseverance and unwavering dedication.


After this rewarding experience, though…

I’ve quickly discovered a problem.

Despite all of my efforts to become highly skilled and confident with kettlebell training…

I still didn’t know how to teach them to our clients who are 40 and older.

Along comes the challenge of working with complete novices.

Those who have never touched a kettlebell in their life.

Or never lifted any weights in general.

This demographic requires a completely different approach.

This leads to dissatisfaction among coaches (myself included) with the current landscape of kettlebell certs.

Where many of them only focus on skill and technique.

Going heavy all the time and being dismissive of lighter weights.

Entrenched in tribalistic camps of either Kettlebell Sport or Hardstyle.

Coaches from all over the world share the same experience with me.

Like Michal below.

Do not mistake my critique as being contemptuous of what the old guard has done for us.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

If it weren’t for my Sensei Steve Cotter, I wouldn’t be here today to share my story.

Consider it as the torch being passed from one generation to the next.

This torch has illuminated a new way that I’ve created and devised as the «Girevoy Hybrid Style».

Borrowing the best of what the two most dominant kettlebell spheres have to offer.

In an effort to share the potential of kettlebells in an empathetic and loving way.

Teaching coaches not only how to be skillful as practitioners but also as educators.

Its foundations are built upon Bruce Lee’s philosophy that states:

«Using no way as the way, having no limitation as limitation.»

The Girevoy Hybrid Style offers best practices, not rules.

Principles, not laws.

Directions, not orders.

Philosophies, not absolutes.


So, my friend…

Whether you are a fellow coach who has already spent 20+ years in the industry.

Or an apprentice who is taking the first steps in a long journey.

If what I’ve shared is resonating with you.

(Which is only the tip of the iceberg, by the way…)

Then you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to become acquainted with the Girevoy Hybrid Style…

Then go ahead and download the E-Book right now.

It’s 100% free for a limited time.

And it will teach you everything you need to know about its foundations.

And of course, our certification process.

To your physical empowerment,


The path to mastering the Girevoy Hybrid Style is a lifelong process. However, you can begin in three ways:

The Girevoy Hybrid Workshop teaches the basics, techniques, and intricacies together in group classes, for example, in medical practices, physiotherapies, or fitness studios.

Beyond the basics, the Girevoy Hybrid Specialist Level 1 (GHS 1) requires passing an oral examination and a specific fitness test.

A comprehensive mentoring with Gregory himself is included in the Girevoy Hybrid Specialist Level 2 (GHS 2) and additionally requires demonstrable experience in coaching beginners.


I guarantee 100% that our coaching will blow you away, or I will refund every cent without questions.

The kettlebell literally saved my business just before the 2020 pandemic – and my confidence in the abilities of this powerful cannonball with a handle has soared to dizzying heights.

Find me another trainer who stands so firmly behind their product.

Utilize our knowledge to eliminate weaknesses like a rainforest fire, elevate your kettlebell skills to the next level, and achieve your body transformation. And all of this completely risk-free


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